Winter Times: How to “Tibet ” “Winter Tibet “?Experts suggest

People’s Network Beijing November 7 (Reporter Qiaoyan) Today, the winter, opened the closure of natural world, and the human yang also started to hide. How to \”Tibet\”? To this end, the People’s Network interviewed Xu Yun, chief physician of the Oncology Department of Xiyuan Hospital, China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. \”Winter is a closed season, ‘Close’ refers to the ‘yang’, ” refers to the ‘fine’ and Tibet ‘God’.\” Xu Yun said that summer health promotes often open the doors and windows, keeps air flow. After the winter, except for the necessary ventilation, most of the time should close the doors and windows, and resist the cold evil. Recently, some patients have reflected the back pain, the stool is not formed, and there is a shallow phenomenon of sleep. In this regard, Xu Yun analyzed that winter is self-reliant, if people are in this time, because of the cold, kidney is not hidden The phenomenon of kidney is not hidden, these problems will occur. \”Not only that, but also in the cold, it will also induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, stroke, heart infarction, high blood pressure, etc. The gods of the navel, around the ankle, these are important \”doors and windows\” of the human body, must pay attention to keep warm and prevent cold evil. Xu Yun suggested that in the diet, you can choose the beef and mutton, black fungus, black beans, black sesame and other warm kidney ingredients. In the exercise, take a slow run, hurry, Tai Chi, etc. Advocate in the sun’s sunshine, go out to sun dry the sun, the sun, the back of the back.

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