What is the recommended schedule for eating on time?

Everyone wants health, and an important foundation for healthy body is to eat on time, and three meals a day. So, what is the dinner in the eyes of nutrition experts? The human digestion and absorbing food, I decided to need three meals a day and determine the interval of three meals. For various reasons, each person’s dining time is not the same, but the interval between each meal should be relatively fixed. The interval between breakfast and lunch is about 4-6 hours, the interval between lunch and dinner is about 6 hours; deducting sleep time, dinner to the next day breakfast is approximately 5-6 hours. The interval of \”4-6 hours\” is in line with human digestion to absorb food. This is not a nutritional expert, but is determined by human gastrointestinal tract and physiological metabolic response. Breakfast: When you sleep, most organs have been fully resting, but the digestive organs are still digesting food in the gastrointestinal food, and gradually enter the rest state in the morning. If you eat breakfast too early, it is bound to interfere with your gastrointestinal rest, so that the digestive system is in the state of fatigue, disturbing the creep rhythm of the stomach. Therefore, it is the most suitable for breakfast for 20-30 minutes after getting up at around 7 o’clock, because the human appetite is most prosperous. In addition, breakfast with Chinese food is 5-5 hours, that is, breakfast is good at 7-8 points. Lunch: 12pm Lunch is the most important meal in a day, which provides 40% of the energy consumption of one person. Nowadays, many office workers are short, always spend more than ten, twenty minutes for lunch, I have to pick up the phone, send text messages, brush Weibo, watch a friend circle, eat, eat, eat anything, I don’t remember anything. . We advocate lunch not only to eat, eat well, and eat a \”realm\”. What is the realm? Half an hour of lunch must be yourself, it doesn’t work, it is not a tangled mood or an imbalance mentality, it only belongs to you and your food. Dinner: It is best not to eat anything else at 5-7 o’clock in the evening, except drinking water. And, do not sleep within 4 hours after dinner, so that food has sufficient time to digest. It should be noted that the stomach is most afraid of not being able to keep the situation, but many work busy friends are easier to dinner. For example, it is 18 o’clock to have dinner, but these days have been changed from 20 o’clock because of various reasons. After two days, they have been eaten in advance, and they will become 21 points in advance, which will cause stomach. Time confusion: The gastric fluid has been secreted, but there is no food in the stomach, causing the gastric fluid to directly erode gastric mucosa, it is easy to cause gastric ulcers. In addition, you may also cause bile siltation and increase the risk of stones on time. If you eat too late, you will also affect the nighttime sleep, and it will increase the risk of obesity. Add food: 9-10 am, 3-4 pm Some plus class, lunch and dinner interval are too long, we can assist in dining between the dining to make up for the insufficient nutritional supply.Two meals are the best time for eating fruit.Generally, you can eat some foods such as fruit, yogurt, nuts and other foods at 9-10 pm, 3-4 pm.Text / Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Beijing Association Hospital

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