What are the building insulation materials

Building thermal insulation materials take measures to reduce the building’s indoor heat emission to the outside by taking measures to the building’s outer protective structure, thereby maintaining the building’s indoor temperature. Building thermal insulation materials play an important role in creating a suitable indoor thermal environment and saving energy in building thermal insulation.

Insulation materials include: extruded polystyrene foam (extruded board), molded polystyrene foam (ordinary foam board), sprayed rigid foam polyurethane, rigid foam polyurethane insulation board (product), foam glass, foam Concrete (foam mortar), chemically foamed cement board, lightweight aggregate thermal insulation concrete (ceramsite concrete, etc.), inorganic thermal insulation mortar (vitrified microbead thermal insulation mortar), polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar, mineral wool (rock wool), phenolic aldehyde Resin board, expanded perlite insulation mortar, inorganic active wall insulation materials, etc.
1. Thermal insulation materials: 1. Silicate thermal insulation materials

2. Ceramic thermal insulation materials

3. Rubber powder polystyrene particles

4. Steel wire mesh cement foam board (Sule board)

5. Extruded board XPS

6. Rigid foam polyurethane on-site spraying , Rigid foam polyurethane insulation board

7, foamed cement
2. Roofing materials: 1. Ceramic insulation board 2. XPS extruded board 3. EPS foam board 4. Perlite and perlite bricks 5. Vermiculite and vermiculite bricks 6. Foamed cement
3. Heat and air-conditioning materials: phenolic resin, polyurethane integrated waterproof and heat preservation, rubber-plastic sponge, polyethylene, polystyrene foam, glass wool, rock wool
4. Steel structure materials: polystyrene, extruded board, polyurethane board, glass wool roll felt, etc.
5. Inorganic insulation materials: foamed cement, inorganic active wall insulation materials.

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