United Nations Diabetes Day

People’s Network Beijing November 14th (Reporter Qiaoyan) In recent years, Chinese diabetes patients have increased significantly, of which many people have suffered from diabetes, why? What is the relationship between obesity and diabetes? To this end, People’s Network interviewed Guo Xiaoyu, director of the Department of Endocrinology, the First Hospital of Peking University, explaining the knowledge of diabetes prevention and treatment. Guo Xiaoyu said that diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia. Long-term blood glucose control can cause chronic complications, especially eye, kidney, heart, blood vessel, neuropathy chronic damage, dysfunction, may have stroke, myocardial infarction, retinal lesions, diabetic nephropathy, diabetes, etc., can even lead to It is important to prevent diabetes and their complications in disability or premature death. According to the \”China Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Guide (2020 Edition)\” released by the Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch, China’s diabetes is still rising, and China’s 18-year-old population is 11.2%. Combined outpatient situation, Guo Xiaoyu analyzed that many young people are also unfortunately suffering from diabetes, except for high-risk factors such as family genetic, overweight and obesity is an important cause of diabetes. \”Obesity is not controlled, and the prevention of diabetes is an empty talk. Take high fat, high-calorie food, while the amount of exercise is serious, so that the total calorie intake is too much, overweight, obesity, will lead to people Sugar metabolism slowed, it is easy to induce diabetes. \”Guo Xiaoyu said that the body mass index (BMI) exceeded 25. Adult male waist circumference exceeded 90 cm. Adult women’s waist circumference exceeded 85 cm, and it was necessary to pay attention. \”The intervention of lifestyle is the most effective, most economical way to prevent diabetes.\” Guo Xiaoyu suggested that young people should develop healthy and reasonable lifestyle, tube mouth, do legs, which can not only help diabetic patients reduce blood sugar, but also Can help diabetes high-risk populations to prevent or delay the occurrence of diabetes. Click on the picture below to enter the [Life Collection] topic, get more wonderful science ↓↓

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