The staple food is a good helper, don’t be as good as the enemy

Many people are in order to lose weight, they face the staple food such as the enemy, restraint I don’t eat staple food. Such a dialogue is often produced in life: \”I am lose weight, the essence is for a month.\” \”Some people are weak, just because the staple food is too much.\” \”In the past, food is because of the poor, now the economic conditions are good. The staple food can be eaten. \”In fact, unless there is a very special case, for the vast majority, the staple food is a\” good helper \”, and it is not\” destroying king. \” why would you said this? Because if there is no main food to protect, heat is mainly from fat and protein, and many proteins will be burned like firewood, and there is no nutrition. In the end, it is often thin, but the protein falls, no muscles are loose, The same weakness of the skin can not help but also bring aesthetic, which may also be accompanied by hair loss, the skin state is deteriorated, the immunity is lowered. Of course, if you want to eat healthy food, it is also paying attention to it. Here, I will introduce you to the three skills of healthy food. Tip 1: Rough and striped from nutrition, corn, millet, hemers, etc., it is better to mix them with fine grains, because this can make the protein complement each other. The eight treasure porridge that we often eat in our daily lives is a very good thick mixed food. Of course, you can also eat mung bean porridge, 2 meters (rice, millet), etc. Skill 2: Delicious is not as good as the original biscuit, big cake, steamed bread, white noodles, etc. Oil, even processing meat products, such as green onion cake, sugar fire, sugar, fried pie, pot stickers, ham fried noodles, bacon fried rice, etc. These staple foods are delicious, but they must pay attention to control the total oil-salt sugar intake in the day (5 grams of light-moving activities, 5 grams of salt, 25 grams of edible oil, add sugar without exceeding 25 grams) . However, enjoy the delicious taste of processing and oil and salt sugar, not easy, such as a satellite and health program group has carried out calculations, meat, soup, and facial three by a satellite surface of 1 bowl of beef noodles. Up to 11 grams. For staple food, try not to add or less fuel salt sugar, such as steamed grain, steamed red potato, steamed corn, etc. Some office workers are busy, they can’t get cooking, can use rice pots on a miscellaneous grain rice, which also doesn’t take much time, and you can take a staple food when you take a takeaway. If you like sweet taste, you can use natural ingredients such as raisins to season. If the pancakes can be replaced or partially alternatively with fragrant gangshen, and put less oil. If you buy a hair, you should choose a low salt, and some hood has 3 grams per 100 grams. Tips 3: Choose a staple food for blood glucose to choose staple food, many people often tangled in the end to eat rice is good or eat noodles, in fact, there is no quality difference between them. From a modern medical perspective, eating rice or eating pasta, the impact on blood sugar blood lipids is basically approximate, the key is the amount of eating. A lot of friendsFriends habits eat a little rice with a large number of vegetables, and when eating noodles, it is a small number of vegetables with a large bowl of noodles.In fact, rice is more, blood sugar is high, and the pasta is reasonable, and blood sugar can be kept smooth.The effect of food on blood glucose is related to its own and cooking methods.Different foods, after treatment with different cooking methods, the blood glucose index is different.A brief meter, fine flour, white bread, rice cake, rice noodles, rice cake, pastries, sweet cakes, sweet cookies, etc. are typical. Typical hyperglycemia index food.In contrast, the blood glucose index of brown rice and whole wheat flour is low.In addition, in order to reduce the impact on blood glucose, it is recommended to eat grain food and milk, eggs, vegetables, or add vinegar to eat, or add vinegar.Text / Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Beijing Association Hospital

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