The following points are important to judge the quality of a bag.

1. Hemming: One is the edging of the bag. The quality of the edging directly affects the beauty of the bag. You can understand what a good edging is in the following detailed diagram; 2. Alignment: There are many low prices on Taobao The routing of the bags is crooked, because they want to maintain a low price, and the labor cost must be reduced, so do it fast, do more, and the quality of manual work will naturally decrease; and our new products are at a loss and low prices. Let profit, because we want HeLen fans who have always supported us to enjoy the low-cost and high-quality products of HeLen handbags. Of course, we can’t keep losing money! So only a small number of bags will be launched! 3. Material selection: The material is naturally the most important factor for a bag. The price of PU and semi-PU area is 28 yuan per yard for PU material, and half PU is only 13 yuan. Good material and poor material can be obtained from gloss. Abrasion resistance, feel, elasticity, smell, whether it is prone to folds and other judgments, we dare to say these, just want everyone to test whether our products are excellent! 4. Hardware: Hardware plays the role of embellishment. Imagine if the hardware is rusty and has no gloss at all, and the above points are good in time, the quality of the entire bag will inevitably drop! 5. Oil edge: The oil edge is a process required to protect the material from air oxidation and damage after opening. On the other hand, it is also for aesthetics. The oil edge is full and smooth. The low-grade bag, oil Drums, irregularities, etc. affect the appearance! I hope you can choose the one that is both beautiful and good quality, and cheap! ! .

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