Small Snow Festival

November 22 this year is the second throttle in winter – small snow. How to health in the small snow? What are the health taboos? The reporter of the People’s Network interviewed Zhang Si Director Zhang Square, the Chinese and Western Medicine Association, the Second Hospital of the Second Hospital of Zhongnan University, brought you a small snow and fertility Raiders from the perspective of TCM. Small snow filling, \”three yields\” should be sugneed, the water is low, and the health should follow the principle of \”autumn and winter to raise the yin\” \”no disturbance\”, and the diet should choose Wen Runyi kidney products such as lamb, beef, Chicken, chestnut, walnut, black fungus, etc., you can also use lotus root squid soup, party gain porridge, Yizhen porridge, etc. It is advisable to keep warm and boom, and you should pay attention to the cold and keep warm and prevent colds. Winter is cold, less light, nature is in the state of \”Yin Shengyang Dynasties\”, often sunburn the sun, the role of Wentong meridians, and helps to adjust emotions and keep optimistic. It is advisable to move the Snow Section. It should not exercise in the morning and evening. People who are weak and easy to catch a cold should avoid sweating. Small snow filling, \”three taboos\”, avoid closing the door, winter weather, but should also open the window to ventilate, keep indoor air circulation and humidity. Because of the use of heating, air conditioning, etc., the room temperature is high, and the indoor air is too dry, which can cause the body discomfort, and the disease is very susceptible. The floor humidity can be increased by wet mop or use a humidifier or the like. Avoid the remembering of the \”raising\” yang before and after the small snow. On the small snow season, people should sleep early, at the same time, it is not advisable to get too early in the morning. Guaranteed sucking sleep, which is conducive to yang hidden, yang accumulation. Avoid eating hot pot, many people like to eat hot pot in winter, but hot pot ingredients contain pepper, dried pepper and other Xinhe hot things, plus indoor heating, strict clothes, calories, and heat Skin dry peel, sore throat and other symptoms. Therefore, in winter, eat a hot pot, such as food, you can match some fire-moistive food. \”Small snow season is easy to induce the disease.\” Zhang Sifang doctor introduced, can protect the wind and stroke through massage big vertebra, kidney Yu points, Guanyuan points and other acupoints. At the same time, you can also make home care through the ear hole massage. When the ear is massaged, the palm is hot, and then massage the ear laster on both sides, holding hands back to the ear, with a thumb, eat, until the ear is red, fever, then double hands pull the tip, Turn down, and the technique is lighter. The ear is massaged once a day, 3 to 5 minutes each time, can be accepted, and it can act as a living. (Video production: intern Song Yijing)

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