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Bag types: fashion handbags, toilet bags, tassel bags: multi-purpose multi-purpose canvas shopping bag with color stripes, cylindrical shoulder printing shoulder bag, environmentally friendly portable striped portable text messenger locomotive bag Birkin bag handbag, portable back: flower striped portable Portable square bag green shopping bag OL round barrel personality Rubik’s cube LV presbyopia leather white-collar classic black color Boston bag city elegant color sheepskin crossbody bag, one-shoulder crossbody, three-way crossbody bag: portable crossbody crossbody vertical messenger bag PU printed canvas Printed bright sequined text canvas Japanese and Korean chain dumplings solid color tooling tassel plaid bow wallet, medium and long wallet: two-fold short three-fold short horizontal wallet, vertical wallet, zipper wallet, buckle wallet, velcro horizontal wallet, striped wallet, long wallet Striped leather bag and floral long shoulder bag: PU cover patent leather chain canvas dumpling bag PU soft handle PU dual purpose shoulder bag cowhide dual purpose canvas zipper open canvas pleated patent leather clutch, clutch bag: chain catch locomotive handbag rivet handbag leather Soft bag fold crossbody cowboy multi-use Korean version of bright color diamond handbag ladies princess cowhide small bag cowhide rivet banquet bag backpack, shoulder bag: portable shoulder bag three-way shoulder bag waist bag chest bag sports canvas barrel canvas Chanel backpack cowhide back backpack cute canvas card Set of small bags: coin purse, card bag, passport bag, certificate bag, key bag, passbook bag, craft bag, canvas bag, heart-shaped ingot-shaped box type is very comprehensive, according to the gender should be divided into male bags, female bags, age, there are adults, and Student bags and baby cartoon bags should be made of cowhide and non-cowhide bags in texture: cowhide, snakeskin, sheepskin, crocodile skin, kangaroo skin, waterproof cloth, flannel canvas, Pu leather bag material how to tell: mammals It depends on whether there are traces of pressing on the side of the skin. If there are any, it is not crocodile skin or snake skin. It is better to identify the crocodile skin. The bag is made of the skin on the crocodile belly, so it is very tough. Look at the appearance. If you have the conditions, you can match the version of the flower, or find a picture or book on the website that can clearly distinguish it. It is explained here that it is best not to find some foreign second-hand bag magazines to compare, it is not accurate, I will do it in the future Explain the reason.

Also look at the handwork and stitches. The specific criteria can only be judged by you, unless you can find an expert or expert to explain it by the side. The more pleasing the bag, the better the quality.

2 Feel the feel of the material of the bag. Generally, the better the feel, the better the material. (This is not to say that the softer is better). Some styles are made of hard-textured materials. Depending on the style, the authentic The same, but as long as it is genuine, or a better Super A product, their leather will become softer as it is used, and it will have a nice shiny luster. 3 Smell If you feel a pungent smell, it is not a good product. The more pungent the smell, the worse it is. Inferior leather will have a pungent and unpleasant pu leather smell. In addition, the bag is made in the process Use a lot of glue, the super A goods of good manufacturers are imported glue, generally there is no pungent smell, and the materials of genuine and good imitation bags are better, and the bags smell a light fragrance , Generally it is volatilized from the color-changing fragrance skin. A good LV old-fashioned leather also has a peculiar smell. If you smell bad, then it means, hey, it’s not a good product! 4Hardware and zippers Hardware is an important criterion for judgment. Generally, the hardware of good products is bright and thick, without burrs, especially zippers. The zippers of good manufacturers have a smooth feel and a bit of lubrication.

Generally, good manufacturers’ bags use imported glue, which has less volatile acidic substances, and the hardware will not change color quickly. Genuine hardware does not show obvious signs of fading in 1-2 years, and super-A bags are general if they are good manufacturers. Hardware can also be used for half a year or even longer. 5 Rubber head Rubber head generally refers to the glued part of the leather cut of the leather strap or bag, which is generally thicker. In the production process, this part must be glued to achieve adhesion. Good manufacturers use imported glue. The smell is small, it is more environmentally friendly, and it looks more transparent, usually transparent red, and the rubber head part looks very turbid, it must not be a good product! 6Styling The so-called styling refers to the appearance characteristics and curve shapes of each style’s unique bag. The higher the degree of precision imitation, the better the shape of the bag, the closer it is to the original product. If you have not seen the genuine product, it does not matter. You can look at some bags. Special parts of the bag, such as arcs, sharp corners, flips, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional shapes, roads, etc.

In addition, observe the coordination between these parts of the bag and the entire bag. The better the overall feeling, the better the version. Here is an example: For example: M41526, M41528, this style, a good manufacturer’s bag, you Take all the weighing papers in the bag. The empty bag should be very full and stylish in your hand. A bag with a bad quality will not stand up. First, the materials used are not good and there is no texture, because of this. The style is soft leather. The bad material has no strength. Although the softness of the bag material is imitated, the strength is not good. The good material is both soft and strong. It looks firm and stylish. Second, there are problems with the plate making. Manufacturers are generally well-skilled patternmakers, and they are good at making patterns. Of course, the bags are made with shapes, and even more so when they are imitations. Generally, good imitation bags not only have the same shape, but also the angle of special parts. Also, the number of needle holes should be the same as the number of needle holes in each part where the genuine product is located. Only when the plate-making, material, registration, stitches, number of needle holes, thread strength and thickness are consistent with the genuine product can the shape be consistent. Only such a bag can be called a fine imitation, that is, super A! 7 The lining is also a very important factor in judging the quality of the bag. It is often low-level imitation bags. This is not good because many people have never seen real bags, and most people just look at the appearance to judge, and they rarely pay attention. In the details, most of the A products are the wrong version, and some super A products will also have the wrong version, but there are relatively few, because the real imitation bags are made by disassembling the genuine bags, except for some The material may be difficult to replicate. Generally, the inner compartment and shape will be copied as the original version. This is also one of the reasons why the cost of Super A is different.

In fact, it is not difficult for friends who have not seen genuine bags to look at this part. As long as you pay attention to the material of the lining, good bag linings are all good linings, which look firm, thick, and feel delicate. The connecting part of the inner lining and the bag is very good.

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