Performing damage Frequent How do people protect their own hands?

We often perceive the inner world of the player in music, but we can rarely \”listen\” the pain of their body. In fact, for the player, in addition to the improvement of performance technology, there is still its own health – American famous pianist Leon Fletcher is forced to turn his career to the command because of his right hand injured. , Teaching and left hand playing; Piano Jialang Lang Lang Lang Lang Lang Zeng is more than a year because of the left hand injury, which is more than a year … Constantly played, more and more musicians, music While paying attention to your physical function, it also allows the performance damage to the public vision. Performing damage, 殃 and player career For most readers, sports damage can be described as familiar; while performing damage, maybe some strangers. In fact, in 1713, there were articles to summarize the occupational diseases of the artist, and there have been history of more than 300 years. In 1926, German musicians and neurographer Kurt Singh published \”Music Professional Occupational Disease\”, first summarized the various body problems caused by playing. For people engaged in music play, the health of the hand is critical. Regardless of the keyboard performance, or the string performance, the performance process requires the finger to switch quickly, and the height of the left and right hands. Compared with ordinary people, the use and loss of the player in the unit time are much more times. Long-term, high-intensity exercises is easy to cause fingers and wrists. This kind of injury often appears on some beginners – due to long-lasting posture exercises, the muscles are tight, even strain. But in fact, many well-known players have more or less of the hand disease, Tulek, Leon Fletcher, Ashkennad, Fu Cong, Chen Hongwan, Lang Lang and many other pianists have encountered similar Question: Leon Fletcher’s 37-year-old case is the day of the day, the right hand is diagnosed as muscle tension inconsistency, almost unachable, was forced to start a single-handed piano practice for up to 35 years; in April 2013, Lang Lang Teacher Gulfman suddenly hurts the left hand, I have to cancel the piano solo concert held in Xi’an; Lang Lang also took the left hand injury due to the \”left hand concerto\” in La Wille, and was repaired by the left hand; The famous piano family of music is known as \”Piano Queen\” has also caused scapula damage because of excessive practicing. Due to the excessive performance of the performance or improper practice, it has been plaguing the piano player and instructor for many years. Industry insiders pointed out that except for excessive handling power, due to long training, the player’s shoulder neck, arms, spine, waist, or even legs are also easy to become a \”hardest hit area\”. \”Less food\”, scientific distribution of practice piano time player’s artistic career inventory, how to improve the body’s damage while improving technology? The industry believes that \”less food\”, \”work and rest\” is not a good way. Leon Fletcher said before, there is a problem with his right hand.It is precisely excessive exercises. The Lang Lang also said that when his hand just started inflammation, there was not too much to continue to play the piano. In 2002, there were two months from the Coochovski International Piano Competition. The piano home will be prepared to compete for the game. \”At that time, I couldn’t move. At that time, the doctor suggested that I can’t practice the piano within a week. If you practice the piano, you can’t help you.\” Although the time is very close to the game, it is still to hold back a trolley in a week. \”From the place where I got to live, about 500 meters, after the first treatment, I used two hours to go home, it is a step in step by step. After home, I will sleep for 24 hours, treatment The process is very painful. \”It is good to be satisfied. Under the treatment of the physiotherapist, the time to restore health for a month, and have not affected the game. In the end, she won the Chaikovski International Piano Competition Bronze Award with exquisite performance art. However, this experience also made a real thing: \”Our body is the meat, when it starts to save the signal, it must pay attention to it.\” Be a professional player for many years, still staying to this day. Every day, the habit of practicing the piano, especially when preparing concerts, a day of up to 8 hours of practice. In order to avoid the hand to damage, the residence summarizes a set of own methods: dividing the time of the practice piano into a different time period, work and rest, \”Every two hours is a time period, practice an hour, stand up, do it, do it Stretching. Because there is always a practicing piano, some muscles can not be used, stand up and active this part of the muscles can make the body reach a balanced state. \”In addition, she will go to Pilates every week. Do not use the muscles that usually use usually. Brain practice, slow practice, will be difficult to split open, even if it is a mature player, it will also encounter technical difficulties. To this end, they put a lot of exercise time, resulting in damage. In fact, overcome these technical difficulties, not only the accumulation of time, but more importantly, to use the brain, to master the method of high-efficiency practicing. \”There is a lot of skillful works in Paginini, which needs to change the octagon and ten double sound. This finger distance is wider, the span is large, and it keeps this posture for a long time will make the hand feel uncomfortable.\” The violin player Party Hua Li believes that when practicing such a track, in addition to maintaining the correct hand shape, \”less food\”, it is necessary to practice the piano. \”Before practicing the piano, I have to solve any problems yesterday. I have to solve any problems today. I have something to solve. Sometimes I encounter difficulties, I must first figure it out to be the left hand, the right hand, or two Hand fitting problem? We may always practice it, but don’t know what you are practicing, so you have to make big things, split it, and then practice it, you will follow it. \”In an interview with Northern Youth Daily, many players referred to the slow practice. Residence is considered to practice is a good way to practice. \”I am very enjoying the process of slowing, you can take the knowledge and password left by all the composers on the spectrum.After practicing it, you can speed up the speed, the things come out are boutiques, and it is not tired.In fact, any technical difficulties can be solved by music thinking through music thinking.\”In addition, it is also important to do effectively before practicing the piano. Party Woli told Beiqing reporters who will practice tracks slowly, slowly exercise in the piano or playing at the stage, or practice single sound order.\”The method can effectively avoid strain, so that the body quickly enters the status. \”

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