What is older? What is most afraid of? fall. In China, falling is the primary reason for people over 65 years old, and the falling of the bone density of the elderly is closely related to the bone density of the elderly. But do you know? Osteoporosis is not natural phenomenon, but a disease that can be controlled. Every year, on October 20th is the international osteoporosis day. Chinese Health Knowledge Communication incentives issued by the National Health Education Control Bureau, China Health Education Center and the China Reporting Association Office – 2021 Health Skeleton Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the Chinese Medical Association osteoporosis and bone mineral disease branch officially released the 2021 International Osteoporosis Day China Theme: Bone Surprise Screen, Femoral Breakfast. The lower the bone density, the lower the amount of bone, the more fracture \”adolescence is the rapid growth period of the bone, and the peak is reached around 30 years old, and then with age, the bone volume declines. Professor Xia Weido Osteoporosis is not natural phenomenon, but a chronic disease that can be controlled, if it starts to prevent it as soon as possible, for example, it is found that there is osteoporosis to start treatment, completely have a solution to the sixty-seventeen people’s bones. Like the same time. Xia Weibo pointed out that middle-aged and elderly people should prevent osteoporosis from lifestyle, first balance the diet, increase the intake of calcium and appropriate amounts of protein in diet, and calcium intake has an irreplaceable role in preventing osteoporosis. And smoking, alcohol, excessive intake of caffeine and carbonated beverages will increase the risk of osteoporosis, and should be avoided as much as possible. Second, the regular movement, try to avoid or use less drugs that affect bone metabolism. Furthermore, it is necessary to guarantee sufficient sunshine. \”The vitamin D contained in my country is very limited, often receiving sunshine, the generation of vitamin D and calcium absorption,\” Saxie emphasizes that normal people take at least 20 minutes a day. \”The lower the bone density, the lower the bone, the less the bone is reduced, the more easy fracture.\” Professor Zhang Zhenlin, the Osteoporosis and Orthopedic Director of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, reminded that the early screen can understand their own bone. In the state, once the osteoporosis is found, it is necessary to intervene early, so that fracture can be prevented. \”It is strongly recommended to spend 100 yuan, 40 years old to do a bone density test, understand what the bone is in what state, 50 years old, once a year, once every year, to understand the state of self-bone, and find osteoporosis Treatment, can prevent more than 50% of brittle fractures. The brittle fracture caused by osteoporosis can prevent cure, and the most effective way to reduce its risk is to regular osteoporosis treatment for high-risk patients, including basic measures, rehabilitation, drug treatment, etc. Experts emphasize that relative to non-treatment, osteoporosis begins to treatment in any stage, but early diagnosis and morning treatment will benefit. In the past 50 years old, near the half-biae reduction \”National osteoporosis epidemiological investigation studies have shown that 1/5 of the crowd over 50 years old has suffered from osteoporosis, and if you want to bone from the early daysThe amount reduction began to prevention, and 46% of the population of human bone in the 50-year-old population has been reduced. Professor Li Mei, deputy director of Beijing Association Hospital, suggested that the amount of bone should be screened to prevent subsequent brittle fractures. How to identify the symptoms of osteoporosis early? Li Mei introduced, bone pain, height, The fracture of the slight exterior, the skeletal deformation may be the performance of osteoporosis, and many osteoporosis patients have no obvious feelings in the early stage of disease. After the female menopause, men are 50 years old to start paying attention to bone measuring screening. \”Li Mei said that advocacy of bone density inspection into a routine medical examination, especially those who have more than 65 years old and men over 70 years old, women under 65 years old and men have one or more bone loose risk factors, brittle fractures Adults with history, various adults that have low sex hormone levels, X-ray images have osteoporosis, accept osteoporosis treatment and perform efficacy monitoring, suffering from bone metabolism or use affect bone metabolism Pharmacist, IOF (International Osteoporological Foundation) osteoporosis One minute Test Questions Answers the results of the positive people must know their bone density, learn osteoporosis knowledge, anti-bulk, and fracture. When the elderly home, avoid the inspiring of the toe is an important hub, and the joint-related diseases can also be prevented. Professor Weng Xi, director of the Department of Architecture, Beijing Association, pointed out that the advanced clinical symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain, stiffness, activities Restricted, when the joint is afraid of wind, afraid to go upstairs, when the early symptoms of the squat, you need to be vigilant and timely medical treatment. Weng Xi stressed that the home fell is an important scene of the fracture of the elderly. In this, he suggested that the elderly When home, avoid the shoes toe toes to avoid inserting the carpet in front of the shoe, and fall behind the non-slip mat. \”The prevention of falling significance. \”China’s disease prevention and control center chief Director Duan De Lei, Director Director of Deficings,\” To exercise, I want to take old, I want to be old, early treatment \”. She said that the elderly start at any time It is not too late to serve the old, good at the use of canes, and advocate the homework, avoid falling, and the elderly will be treated as early as possible.

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