my country’s 129 million people suffer from diabetes, how to stay away from “sweet burden “

Yang Lan is a \”senior\” diabetes patient, \”sugar age\” in nearly 36 years. In 1985, he was diagnosed as type I diabetes year from year. In the 1980s, the public had less awareness of diabetes, and the whole family learned from diabetes by buying books. Recalling a child-controlled episode, Yang Lan said: \”Before you do, you have a urine sugar before going to bed, 18 drops of liquid plus two drops of urine, then use alcohol lamp to burn, burn it according to the color. \”I still remember now, when I was a child, I would like to use a blue-core needle, and I often buy a needle for this, and these medical devices are cooked. Today, Yang Lan’s injection insulin is very easy. Under the guidance of a doctor, his blood glucose is basically steady, no complications. Moreover, he has achieved a diploma of different college students, and is also engaged in the public welfare cause of diabetes. It has established a Sugar Friends Association, and a medical device company has established a business opportunity for Type I diabetes. A few days ago, in the guidance of the Office of the Office of the Health China Action Promotion Committee, \”Everyone has a health management\” in China’s Family Newspaper – 2012 \”Health China E\” United Nations Theme Live Events of the United Nations Diabetes Day, Yang Lan shared himself s story. my country is one of the fastest growing countries with a global diabetes. As a \”Health China Action (2019-2030), the four major chronic diseases of focus on prevention and control, diabetes have become an important chronic disease that threatens human health. The deputy director of the Office of the Health China Action Promotion Committee, Mao Qunan, the planning and development of the National Health and Health Committee, emphasized that diabetic health management needs to continue to force in the health education level, to achieve where the audience is, the focus of publicity and education work Where is the foot point? It also needs to continuously strengthen the construction of the medical and health service system, fully promote the \”Internet + Medical Health\” service landing grassroots, fundamentally prevent the occurrence of various types of diabetes complications, effectively improve the quality of life in patients. Diabetes and obesity and overweight have certain relevance Beijing Hospital Endocrinology Chief Physician Guo Lixin introduced that diabetic is due to genetic factors and environmental factors commonly caused. In the awareness of diabetes, people often have misunderstandings. For example, some people often say \”Don’t eat too much sugar, be careful of diabetes.\” In fact, this statement is lacking scientific basis. There is no necessarily link between sugar and diabetes, but if you have a sweet food or sugar beverage or sugar beverage, it will lead to overweight, obesity, and increase the risk of metabolic disease. Diabetes and obesity and overweight have certain relevance, long-term intake of sugar, the probability of diabetes will be significantly higher than the healthy eating population, so they have to eat sugar. Another misunderstanding is that under equivalent conditions, people with family history have a high probability of diabetes than those with no family history, but this does not mean that they will suffer from diabetes. In addition to genetic factors, there are approximately 5% -10% of diabetes per year to develop, if they can carry out healthy diet in potential risk, strengthen exercise, through healthy lifestyle, scientifically, and completely possibleDelaying and even avoiding diabetes. Guo Lixin said that for patients with diabetes, reasonable diet, with scientific movement, to manage blood sugar, pay attention to blood fat, blood pressure, control multiple metabolic abnormalities, can reduce the occurrence of complications. There are potential diabetes sick risk people to pay attention: from 40 years old to detect at least one fasting blood glucose and saccharified hemoglobin; diet to avoid bad habits of heavy oil, heavy salts, heavy sugars; pay attention to exercise, at least 150 minutes per week A certain intensity movement; control body weight, BMI is 24 or below; avoid excessive mental stress, keep a happy mood; avoid staying up late, guarantee adequate sleep; quit smoking, strictly limited wine. \”How to exercise in diabetic patients should consult a specialist, and should be evaluated for cardiopulmonary function and exercise before exercise. Patients with complications should comply with the doctor’s own way of life.\” Guo Lixin said that for most diabetic patients, Exercise helps to improve the body to resist disease capabilities, help better control blood sugar. However, in the serious stage of complications, it is not appropriate to move, such as the acute phase of retinal hemorrhage, frequent retina, hypoglycemia, blood glucose fluctuations, severe infection, severe cardiopulmonary disease, renal function, acute cerebral blood vessels Sick et al. Guo Lixin reminded that it is necessary to prevent hypoglycemia related to exercise, especially after exercise, especially after exercise. Sports should be mainly based on aerobic movement, and combined with anti-resistance movement (increasing muscle amount and muscle strength) and balance training. To choose the exercise according to the situation, choose the movement of yourself, step by step, perseverance, and pay attention to avoid motion damage. Family is the core unit of preventing and managing diabetes, with China’s population aging, urination, diabetes, and diabetes have diabetes. Although diabetes management also facing a lot of challenges, from the perspective of clinicians, Director of the Department of Endocrinology, Peking University People’s Hospital, said that diabetes is a defense, cangasal, controllable disease, and family is a core unit that prevents and manages diabetes. Ji Peng believes that effectively prevents the occurrence of diabetes and manages management, it must implement the principle of \”three-level prevention\”. The first-level prevention refers to health education in the general population, enhances the knowledge and participation of people ‘s prevention and treatment, and improve the overall diabetes prevention and treatment of the community population; secondary prevention is to screen for diabetic patients in high-risk people, timely health Intervention, etc., and standardize management, allowing their condition to be controlled; three-level prevention is to fully control type II diabetes, prevent the disability or early death caused by complications, improve the quality of life and extend their lives. Judi agriculture said that endocrine doctors should strengthen the diabetes sciences to the public, so that more people will improve their awareness of diabetes; for patients to give correct diabetes education, improve diabetes, let diabetes patients reduce or do not have complications. In addition, we must respond to the sinking strategy of the chronic disease prevention and control, strengthen the training of grassroots hospitals, improve the diabetes diagnosis and treatment of grassroots hospitals, including community doctors and family doctors, and let ordinary people at home.Can obtain professional slow disease management. The patient’s demand for diabetic family nursing knowledge is increasing \”in the daily care of diabetic patients, the role of the family is pushing up.\” Zhao Fang, director of the Nursing Department of China, said: \”In the family, we ask patients to do health records. At the same time, it will guide the family to play supervisory, support, and help patients build confidence to resist bad emotions. The ultimate goal is to comply with medical advice to improve medication compliance, avoid or delay the occurrence and development of complications. \”Zhao Fang has always recommended patients to use blood glucose monitoring diary in home . It not only records blood sugar changes, but more importantly, it is the problem and misunderstanding for doctors. \”Diabetes needs to be accompanied by life. Each diabetes patient may experience psychological resistance. Under most cases, doctors can only determine with patient vague descriptions for patients at home. If there is a detailed diary record, even if it is a bad drug leakage, it may affect the decision of the doctor to adjust the treatment plan. \”As the number of diabetes increases, the demand for family nursing knowledge is increasing. In recent years, the number of diabetes education outpatients in major hospitals has been more. \”Insulin needle cannot be reused\” \”These parts can no longer be injected\”, etc., are often exposed to outpatients. The subcutaneous fat hyperplasia is a long-term injection of insulin in patients with diabetes, and the subcutaneous tissue of the injection site has thicker \”erased\” lesions. Injection of insulin in the fat hyperplasia can cause insulin absorption or unstable, increase blood sugar fluctuations, result in an increase in insulin injection dose. 90% of patients believed that they had taken the injection site, but in fact, it is only in the same part, and there is also a skin fat hyperplasia. In addition, the needle is repeatedly used in diabetic patients. According to data statistics, the needle is repeated once, and the subcutaneous fat hyperplasia will increase by 20%. Repeated use 6 times, will increase by 70% -75%, if a tube is only one needle, meaning that the subcutaneous fat hyperplasia is 100% . In the clinic, Zhao Fang has encountered a patient who has never been self-inspected in the injection site for more than 9 years of injection of insulin. \”Some subcutaneous fat hyperplasia is not easy to observe or palpose. Only by ultrasound inspection can only be judged, most patients are just a memory. The family should remind patients to make an ultrasound examination for a year, and have discovered hyperplasia patients, more To increase the check frequency. \”Zhao Fang said. (Reporter Zhang Manyu)

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