Low head to the old cold leg!Warm artifacts and upgrade

A few days ago, the strongest cold wave came, and the country has snowed in the country. In the past 30 years, the most cold winter \”, as long as the style, do not temperature, weigh the temperature, the soil cotton shoes, the hot protection knee\” is \”on the office\”, the \”warm artifact\” will also \”old cold Leg \”protects a week. \”Soil to the ultimate is the tide\” – the double 11, the e-commerce platform sold more than 170 million earth-sized cotton shoes, and a shoe factory received 400,000 double cotton shoes orders, nearly half of them from the big city. Earth-shaped cotton shoes become \”warm baby\” at the foot. This winter, the cake, the bread shoes will take the temperature and beautiful synchronization, wear handmade old Beijing cotton shoes, plus velvet snow boots walk in the snow is \”the most debut\”. Warm insole similar \”warm baby\” like female physiology, just put it as insole into the shoe, 3 seconds can be heated to a constant 45 ° C temperature, and continuously maintained for 10 hours, when winter needs long outdoor activities Or when you need to wear a single shoe with clothing, this warm single product is actually intimate. Chargeable fever socks are the \”gospel\” of feet and ice, wearing it in the cold winter night; the same chargeable fever scarf, which brings a wearable hot compress. Multi-way temperature control can deal with different outdoor temperatures, keep warm time for hours. The \”old face\” warm water bag is now upgraded to the \”explosion-proof\” new. Traditional hot water bottles are generally induced in hot water, or take the internal structure of hydropower mixing, which is easy to leak irradiatto even exploding. This year’s upgraded hot water bottle uses graphene raw materials, without water, eliminating the safety hazard, and the heat generation area is also even more uniform. The constant temperature chip is equipped with a large-capacity battery, which can warmly warm 10 hours, holding it, falling asleep, all night warmth. \”Warm Leg Artifact\” under the desk, this year’s new products is also more mature. Previously, a separate warm foot plate or a folded warm leg plate can only be heated separately to the foot or the leg, but the new product is combined with the two, using \”explicit\” model or \”soaked bucket\” \”Modeling, while the leg, foot insulation, even the back of the back can take care of it. In addition, the heating pad on the desk also has a new \”peer\”. The desktop heater makes an increase in computers, which can be used to heat the cervical vertebrae, which can warm the heat, and combine the mobile phone charging treasure, small matter storage. Hot hair protection knee is preparing for the top day, knee effusion, old cold legs, knee, is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. The knee is designed according to ergonomics, protecting the knee through the magic stickers, and the heating layer is airamid, and the ultra-long continuous use can be used continuously. Today’s hand warmers are also more diverse, round, and full of cats, small yellow ducks attract a lot of female users. However, relative to such a traditional hand-held warm hand, there is a new product to use a hanging neck design, such as the hanging neck fan in the summer, can release calories in the ring, bring warmth to the whole body, completely liberate the hands . (Chen S)

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