Failure products can really lead to black intestines!This material is dangerous

In modern life, many people have a healthy problem such as sleep in unregulating, diet, unhealthy diet, yellowing, hair loss, obesity, anxiety, indigestion and other health problems. Some people are passionate about \”detoxification\”, and they can be solved by \”detoxification\”. \”Detoxification\” products on the market are particularly rich, of which the products of \”Qing intestines\” \”Cleans and Breakfast\” are particularly loved by middle-aged and old people. Some products have a good effect, and the problem of constipation is solved. But this way is the best way to be good? Long-term oral laxative is the main cause of large intestines, the recent media reported a case. Ms. Huang, 56 years old, because of the regular constipation, the people introduced, and purchased \”Qingchang Tea\” itself, and the result was going to the hospital for a while, and found that the intestines were black. The doctor is more worrying, because \”large bowl\” will increase intestinal cancer risk. What is going on? Is it \”Qing intestine tea\” toxic? In fact, the phenomenon of large intestines has been discovered in 1835. In 1928, scientists first proposed \”anthraquinone drug\” and it. At present, long-term oral laxative is recognized, which leads to the main cause of large intestine, more than 70% of large intestinal black and abuse of anthraquinone. The anthraquinone is common in rhubarb, aloe vera, hexa leaf, deciders, and bull yellow detoxification sheet, three yellow film, Ma Ren Pills, etc. The fastest drown of anthraquinone is the fastest monthly, the large intestine black, the anthraquinone is strongly stimulated by the intestines, so the \”through\” effect is good, and the price is cheaper, who doesn’t like it? But this substance is also very large to the large intestine, what kind of problem will it produce? Intestinal wall epithelial cells can not toss, a large number of \”death\”, macrophages rush to \”Cary\”, they will cause death cells, disregus, and finally produce pigments such as \”lipoids\”. These pigments are first formed in the intestinal wall, and if the tone is sufficient, the intestinal wall is black. This is the basic principle of large bowel disease. According to the scientific research results, it can have a large intestine in the fastest 1 month. The incidence of intermittent medicines, the incidence of large intestines is about 10%. The incidence of large intestinal black changes can reach around 80%. In addition, clinical study showed that clinical study showed that the risk of large intestine, intestinal cancer was significantly increased. Of course, you don’t have to worry too much, the large intestinal black caused by anthraquinone is reversible, and it will gradually recover after the laxative will gradually recover. In fact, it is only necessary to mitigate or treat constipation with laxatives. The intestines will gradually adapt to the stimulation of anthraquinone, and depending on, it is necessary to increasing dosage to form a vicious circle. The correct approach is: 1. Reasonable diet, especially rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, potatoes, successes such as dietary fiber. People who die weight loss is easy. 2. Squirting water, especially people who are very strong, and people who have been in a long time to sit still. 3. Strengthen sports and enhance digestive metabolism capacity and promote intestinal activity. Text / Zhong Kai (Cixin Food \u0026 NutritionInformation Exchange Center Director)

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