Eat oranges on fire maybe just your body illusion!

At this season, the oranges of each breed began to land the market. The orange is a petal flap, the head is not big, the flesh is very soft, the taste is sweet, it is very popular, many people are fluttering, one is two or three pounds. However, many people still conscientiously conscientiously, the most popular, the most influential statement is: It is best not to eat oranges because orange temperatures are easy to \”get angry\”. Some people say that now the oranges are so good, they are dyed; others are worried, the oranges eat more, they will become \”small yellow people\”, not good, hazardous … Orange really make people get angry? ? Do you want to eat oranges? Today we come to talk about oranges. What kind of nutrition is orange? The VC \”big family\” orange in winter fruit is one of the citrus fruits, and it tastes sour and rich in vitamin C (VC). The content of VC in citrus fruit is usually 20 ~ 30mg / 100g, which is more than two fruit stars in the winter – Apple (1 ~ 5 mg / 100 g) and pears (4 ~ 8mg / 100g). In the winter of fresh fruits and vegetables, the orange is definitely a good VC source. Basically, a medium-sized tangerine can meet the child’s daily VC demand. Moreover, citrus also also contains rich potassium, carotenoids, and orange pesticin, teep phelets, etc. They are all kinds of health benefits. So, in winter, orange is definitely a better one in many fruits. How many oranges will eat? It is a difficult definition concept that the mouth \”get angry\” is a very difficult definition. The so-called \”up fire\” is the summary of the ancients to a class of physical feelings. Many people will get angry after eating oranges, and the gums are red and swollen, their mouth ulcers … It’s just getting angry. What is going on? In fact, for the oranges, the culprit of these issues is that the sugar content in the oranges is high. After all, the orange sugar content is also 10%. Eat too many oranges, means that you will take a lot of sugar. The high-sugar branch makes the scorpion to dry; some sensitive people may also feel the gums and stomach discomfort because of fruit acids in the orange. If there is no timely clean mouth after eating, these food residues, sugar are easily caused by inflammation, causing inflammation, the initial period may appear to be gums inflammation, mainly the gums redness, easy to bleeding, and pain. These are not very similar to how you eat \”get angry\”? Therefore, many people think that eating oranges is easy to get angry. But the solution is simple: don’t greed, eat one or two oranges every day or can be. Moreover, after eating oranges, use the dental line to clean the flesh residue in the teeth, and use the water to rub the water in time, then you may not feel that there is any fruit to let you \”get angry\”. Eat oranges, or drink orange juice? Of course, after eating oranges, the dietary fiber is almost filtered off, and there is too much sugar, which is very disadvantageous to health. In the US Children’s Science (AAP), don’t give baby juices under 1 year old, baby after 6 months can eat peeling directly, after 1 year oldChildren should also limit drink juice. American Pediatrics Association believes that for less than 1 year old baby, juice does not have any health advantages, and the babies within 1 year old cannot drink juice (whether pure juice). Compared with complete fruit flesh, there is no nutritional advantage over the healthy balance of infants and children in any age, there is no significance. Orange is so red, is it dyed? Dyeing only in the epidermis, there is still a lot of parents who don’t go to the pulp, and now the oranges are dyed. After all, I have been passing the orange dyed video on the Internet. In fact, everyone doesn’t have to worry too much. First of all, even dyed, the security risk is very low. All pigments, dyes are very small, because they will wear it with more. There is little amount, and there is not much health hazard. For example, Herch has a famous Sultan red duck egg, and later evaluated that about 1,000 a day can be harmful. However, even if it is illegal, we should still strictly resist this behavior. Second, the surface of the orange peel is oily, and it is difficult to penetrate, and the dye is also difficult to penetrate. Generally, you can touch it with your hand. If your hand is red, it may be painted, just go, don’t buy it. The key is that when you eat oranges, we have to peel it, the most dyed is also the epidermis, the flesh is not enough, and it will be no problem. Oranges eat more, will it become \”small yellow people\”? It will only affect the \”color value\” in a short time, saying that oranges will become yellow, will become \”small yellow people\”? is this real? Indeed, this is not a rumor. If you eat too many oranges, the skin does become yellow, it may become \”small yellow people.\” This is because the orange (citrus) contains rich carotene, if you often eat a lot of oranges, the human body will take too many carotene, the human body is metabolized, the content in the blood is too high, will cause the skin to turn yellow, this The situation is called \”high carotenoidsmia\”, also called \”orange\”, this symptomatic performance is the palm of the palm, the foot is clear, and the skin is severe and even the skin is yellow. However, it will only affect the \”color value\” in a short time, and will not affect health. Just temporarily don’t eat yellow oranges, you can return to normal in a week or two weeks, usually don’t need special treatment. Moreover, in addition to citrus (orange), carrots, pumpkins, papaya, mango, etc., the carotene in fruits and vegetables is also rich, if you eat a lot, it will become \”small yellow people.\” If you find that it is a bit of noodles, you have to see if you have more fruits and vegetables. Eat a few oranges every day healthier? There are many sugars, you can still remind everyone, orange sugar is still more, and the amount of sugar in the orange is 11.9%, and the sweet orange will be higher. If you eat too many oranges, energy intake is not low. So don’t eat too much. my country’s dietary guides recommended that ordinary adults eat fruits per day is about 200g to 350G, converted to citrus, almost two or three medium-size oranges. If you really love, eat more than one or twoOranges are no problem, but must pay attention to eating less other staple food, while paying attention to cleaning the teeth.(Director of the Science and Technology Department of Food \u0026 Nutrition Information Exchange Center)

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