Cream Time: I feel cold in the winter.These body signals need to be vigilant!

People’s Network Beijing October 23 (Reporter Qiao Yongqiong) Frostfly is the last throttle of autumn, the temperature continues to decline, especially in the morning and evening, relative temperature will be lower, need to add clothes in time. However, some people put on the winter down jacket early, this particularly refrigerated situation, it needs to be particularly valued, it is very likely that the body is inadequate in the human body. To this end, the People’s Daily has an interview with the deputy director of the Xiyuan Hospital of China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sun Qiwei, and the related issues of refiting the festival. Sun Qiwei said that Chinese medicine believes that \”the yang is not enough.\” In the body, the yang is insufficient, the yin is full, the cold is too heavy, and the body’s resistance is lowered, it will be easily sick. Such as waist hurts, gynecological diseases, male reproductive issues, etc. What signals will the human body send out if there is a shortage of yang? Sun Qiwei said, especially cold, especially the hands and feet is cold, the abdomen is cold; the number of times in the night is too small, the urination is too small, and the body feels colder; often diarrhea, especially the morning diarrhea, eat cold things easy to diarrhea; heel , Low blood leg, lower extremity is prone to swelling; low blood pressure, dizziness, shortness of breath; sparse hair, hair loss; emotional depression, easy to have depression; adapt to climate change, low immunity, easy to catch a cold, etc. It is not closely related. Sun Qiwei said that the innate endowment is insufficient, and the day after the year, the body can decline; the diet is not paying attention, I like to eat cold food; I have to wait in the air-conditioned air-conditioned room or living in the cold area of \u200b\u200bthe cold, cold evil ; Often staying up late, there is a possibility that the human body is insufficient. Finally, Sun Qi recommends eating more Gansu food, such as lamb, duck, chestnut, walnut, etc., do not eat too cold food; appropriate increase Outdoor activities, daylight bath, massage the head, promote the body Qi and blood circulation; carrying the foot bath before going to bed, you can also add such as wafering, pepper, safflower, etc. in water to increase yang.

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