Cooling, these health needs should pay attention

People’s Daily November 9th (Reporter Qiaoyan) Recently, my country has always ushered in strong air. When the temperature is plummeted, if the human body cannot adapt to severe warming changes, the resistance will decline. In the face of cold air, not only do not only wear clothes, but also protect the \”weak link\” of your body, prevent problems in the case, in order to have a winter. Protecting the respiratory system and cardiovascular in the Third Hospital of Peking University, patients who have previously been previously visited will increase significantly. In this regard, the director of the Hospital Emergency Department has said that the respiratory disease has increased significantly after the winter, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, flu, chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc. In addition, as the flu is high before and after each year, the hot clinic will also usher in the peak. Autumn and winter is the high season of respiratory infectious diseases such as flu, the temperature is reduced to the survival and communication of new crown, influenza and other viruses, and there is an infectious disease superposition risk. It is recommended to enhance the protection awareness, do not go to the crowd, the air is not circulating, pay attention to keep indoor air circulation and reduce dinner gatherings. Adhere to the scientific wearing mask, hardworked hands, always ventilated, less gather, maintain a safe social distance with others. It should also be noted that the high incidence of respiratory diseases will also promote the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Zhang Zhenpeng, deputy director of the Cardiovascular Hospital of Guang’anmen Hospital, China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that pneumonia, upper respiratory infection is an important induced factor in heart disease, especially for patients with bad heart function, especially in elderly patients, respiratory infections, even the first A incentive. \”With the decrease in temperature, the peripheral blood vessels are significantly contracted in the human body, which can directly lead to increased blood pressure in human body, increased blood, and the cardiac burden is usually increased, and it is easy to cause high blood pressure, heart disease patients, and attention.\” Zhang Zhenpeng said. Extending to prevent the prevention of keeping warmth, maternal, infant resistance is generally weak, try to contact patients with infectious diseases, to reduce the weather in high wind. If you must go out, it is recommended to choose a high temperature at noon to outdoor activities, wear more clothing, pay special attention to the head and neck, the abdomen and the foot are warm. In addition, for those who are weak in the stomach, especially pay special attention to keep warm, increase or decrease in clothes according to the changes in the climate, prevent the abdomen from being cold. Usually pay attention to warm stomach, drink hot water, eat less cold food, eat on time. Laws, I don’t think about staying up late, don’t think about it. At the time of snowfall cooling, due to the slippery, it is very easy to survey and road icing phenomenon. It is recommended to take the public transport, cycling or electric vehicles, especially the elderly, and beware of falling down, away, avoiding vehicles ,be careful. In addition, as the winter heating period begins, carbon monoxide poisoning is required. Moderate exercise Do not have a healthy monitoring of low temperature weather, patients with cardiovascular disease do not go to morning practice, and then go out when the temperature is relatively increased, and the mentality is peaceful, and the law of life is maintained. Adhere to the medical service, control blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid level. Good cardiopulmonary function is a healthy cornerstone, Xu Fengqi, Vice President of Xiyuan Hospital, China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that people with good cardiopulmonary function will not easily feel tired, higher work efficiency, cardiovascular diseaseThe rate is also lower, so be sure to quit smoking, drink alcohol, away from high-fat high salt and high sugar diet, develop healthy living habits.\”Some slight disease changes, patients may not feel symptoms, it is recommended that patients with hypertension will be at least once blood pressure in the morning, close attention to data changes.\” Zhang Zhenpeng said that for patients with hypertension, if there is a chest tightnessShort breath, difficulty breathing, chest pain, severe dizziness, etc., should be medical treatment in time.In addition, Chinese medicine believes that autumn and winter is convergent, should not overwork.It is recommended to make a job, scientifically exercise, recommend fitness exercises, Tai Chi or dancing, playing, etc., enhance the body temperature adjustment function of the central nervous system, and improve the human cold ability.(Source: Comprehensive Beijing CDC, Science and Technology Daily, etc.) Click on the picture below [Life Collection] topic, get more wonderful science ↓↓↓

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