Cold to do sports this step is lazy

The cold wave has raided, the capital will enter the winter day. Big cold day, there is a link must not save – warm up. Recently, the 120 Beijing Emergency Center has dealt with a police situation in which an accidental injury in sports is treated, and a knee dislocation patient is treated. Recently, the Western Emergency Center has received a task: a school student accidentally falls, suspect that the knee is damaged. On the way, the first aid doctor contacts the site, and he does not move the patient. After arriving at the scene, the patient’s pain was obvious. The doctor asked the patient to give the patient’s preliminary examination. It was initially judged that the knee joint dislocation, the bone did not damage. The doctor made the nurse to assist the patient traction function, and then attempt to transfer their attention while talking to the patient, attempt to reset it. After success, for the patient’s later recovery, doctors recommend not to diagnose ligaments or soft tissues such as neighborhoods. Here, the doctor in the 120 Beijing Emergency Center reminds everyone, winter fitness, especially pay special attention to the following points: Doing a good preparation activity in cold weather, the viscosity of the human muscle, ligament, makes muscle elasticity and stretch Reduce, each joint will become relatively stiff, resulting in a reduction in its safety activity. At this time, if you do it directly, you will be able to take care of it, the muscles are easily injured, and the joints are also more susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out more adequate preparation activities before the winter movement, and the performance of the muscles and joints can be optimized. And pay attention to safety when exercising, choose the exercise suitable for you, and make appropriate exercise. In the case of a suitable temperature in the case, we prepare the activity before exercise is usually 10 to 15 minutes. In the cold weather, the preparation of activities should be increased to 20 to 25 minutes, or to the body start fever, slightly sweating. Clothing increase or decreases to gradually keep warm in cold weather. Do not wear too little exercise, you can wear a hat and gloves if necessary; but it should not be too much, it is easy to hinder physical activity. After preparing activities, you can gradually reduce the number of clothes on your clothes, but avoid the clothes in the case of sweating. When sweating, because the body is more water, the cold wind blows will make the body feel very low, easy to lead to a cold; the same, when ending the exercise, it must be put on the coat as soon as possible to prevent cold. Choosing the right exercise time and exercise in cold weather, should be reasonably arranged in accordance with the weather conditions and personal physical conditions, and reasonably arrange motion time and exercise intensity. When the temperature is low, the human body will increase the body, the appetite will become large, and the fat content in the body has grown rapidly, and the weight increases. Therefore, in the cold weather movement, the strength of the movement can be considered, increasing the amount of exercise, ensuring the balance of intake and consumption, and maintains a good body shape. In addition, under cold weather, it is recommended to carry out aerobic exercise (jogging, mountain climbing, etc.), not only the limits of the site, but also reduces the risk of damage to the cold winter. 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day, help to consume rapid growth of fatFat to achieve a good purpose of maintaining a good body shape.But also pay attention to the discretion, controlling the amount of exercise in the range of power.Because over fatigue will reduce the body’s resistance, give the disease.Text / This reporter Li Jie

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