Although the nuts is good also have to be alert to breastbing!

Nuts refers to grains of wood-backed plants with hard housings, including walnuts, chestnuts, apricot cores, almond cores, pecans, pistachios, fragrant, Hawaiian, pine, and so on. Nuts are rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., is a kind of food that is deeply loved by consumers. But the nuts are easily absorbed in the humid environment, contaminated by mold. What happens to this? What should I pay attention to when eating and purchasing? What is mold? Mildew is a common known natively known as a bacteria that is relatively developed and there is no larger sub-entity, also known as \”moldy fungi\”. There are a wide variety of molds, and there are more than 45,000 species that have been found. Some flavors, flocculated or spasilical colonies of the surface of the food surface are mold. Mold contamination may reduce the quality of food, but not all mold is harmful. Many molds have an important role in the fields of fermentation industries, biomedical, such as tofu breastfeeding (methicillus), antibiotics (penicillin, graymicin) production, plant growth hormone (gibberellin) synthesis. What is the risks of nuts are contaminated by molds? According to \”Food Safety National Standard Nuts and Seed Food\” (GB 19300-2014), the cooked nuts and seed foods in the baked fabric cannot exceed 25 cfu / g. If the nut bacteria is detected more than the standard limit, it may mean that its edible value is lowered, and even can’t eat. Whether the nuts contaminated with bacteria will harm human health, depending on whether the metabolism of molds is known, toxic and clear fungal toxins. Such as Huang Musicxia is ambigulent, and the yellowlaxin is one of the strong carcinoma, and the extensive intake will trigger acute poisoning. How does consumers prevent mympal pollution? First, take care of nuts. It is recommended that consumers choose a regular place to purchase products produced in regular enterprises to avoid purchasing expired foods. Try to purchase nuts of sealed packaging and choose the packaging of the right size, and buy it on demand. When purchasing bulk nuts, pay attention to the shape of the nuts and the shape of the flesh, select the fruit full, uniform particles, no ferrous spots, no insectica. Second, reasonable storage of nuts. It is best to eat it now, and you should eat as soon as possible after you open your bag. If you can’t eat, you should be sealed and placed in a cool dry place to avoid moisture. Third, non-edible mildew nuts. Before you eat, if you find that there is a filamentous, fluffy substance, or more obvious mold, please do not eat. When chewing, I find that there is bitterness, mywright or spicy, spit out as soon as possible and gargate in time. Experts Writer Yang Dawei National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center Monitoring Department Li Dawei, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, Jiangnan University, deputy director of Jiangsu Agricultural Sciences

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